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Cat Grooming

All cats need to be groomed, whether short or long haired. It’s a misconception that cats groom themselves. While they may lick themselves, they are not truly grooming their coat. To properly groom the coat, it needs to be washed and dried with a high velocity dryer to lift the dead coat out. Our shampoos are safe for cats and some of our deep cleaners are great for exfoliating the skin and promoting skin health.

Long haired cats should be groomed every 6-8 weeks. If the schedule is maintained, there should be no reason to have to shave the cat. If that becomes necessary, it can be a painful and risky process. A cat’s skin is much thinner than a dog. If nicked or cut, it can tear open like tissue paper. If your cat is nervous or stressed or the mats are painful, booking an appointment with our veterinary technicians for a sedated groom would be safer and more humane for your cat. But if there are no mats and we continue to groom on a schedule, we can keep your long-haired cat’s coat luxurious and healthy. We have several different tools to help remove the undercoat quickly so as not to stress out your pet. We can also shave out any tufts in the feet so your cat is not sliding on floors with hairy feet.

Short haired cats, like short haired dogs, need grooming. Although it is less likely for short-haired cats to mat, as they age and are unable turn around due to things like arthritis, they can’t get to clean along their back and hind end, so they can get some matting. An 8-10 week grooming schedule is a good time frame for short-haired cats, so long as the cat is used to grooming. Otherwise, a shorter period between grooms is better until the cat becomes accustomed to the process. If the cat is still having difficulties getting through a groom unstressed, our veterinary staff will speak to you about medications that can help reduce stress the day of grooming.

Your cat’s groom will include a nail trim, bath with the appropriate shampoo, drying with the high velocity dryer that will lift out dead coat, and full brush out with deshedding and combing the entire coat. A spritz of cologne to finish and voila, a beautifully groomed kitty!!

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