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What can be done about mats?

Never cut mats with scissors! This can lead to nicking or cutting your pet, which will result in vet bills. De-matting is only an option on coats where the matting has not yet become severe and if your pet can handle it. Tugging, pulling and ripping out of mats is very painful and it also damages the coat, leaving the broken coat more susceptible to matting again. In a lot of cases, the most humane course of action is to shave down the pet and start over, while maintaining a regular grooming schedule to help the new coat grow in mat free.

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How can I prevent mats?

To prevent mats, speak to your professional groomer to set up a regular grooming schedule. Most coated breeds require a 4-6 week schedule, depending on how long the coat is kept. Brushing at home freq

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