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What can I do?

Select a coat length that is manageable at the grooming schedule you and your groomer have chosen, then maintain that schedule throughout the year. It is a common misconception that an owner should shave the pet in the fall and allow the coat to grow long over winter to keep the pet warm. While it’s true a longer coat can hold heat, a long, matted coat reduces blood circulation in the skin so your pet ends up cold. Not to mention snow and rain gets into mats which can be thick and with no air flow, the mats don’t dry out so skin remains wet. How does your skin feel if you keep wet clothes on after getting caught in the rain? You can take your clothes off, your pet can’t.

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We want to help!!

We care about your pet. We want your pet to have the healthiest coat possible. If you have any questions about coat conditions, please ask us! We will be happy to show you how to care for your pet’s c

How can I prevent mats?

To prevent mats, speak to your professional groomer to set up a regular grooming schedule. Most coated breeds require a 4-6 week schedule, depending on how long the coat is kept. Brushing at home freq

Medical issues that can arise?

Sometimes, shaving down your pet’s coat will reveal a problem previously hidden by the mats, such as a hotspot, eczema, parasites or open sores. Now that these problem spots are exposed, it gives your


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