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What happens when my pet is shaved?

Although shaving may be necessary when mats are severe, there can be unfortunate results. Clippers do not cut the mat but must get underneath it, right next to the skin. Matting prevents air from circulating to the dog’s skin. The skin and coat will lack the rejuvenating effects they need to receive from regular combing, therefore, the skin can become more sensitive and this can result in nicks, scrapes or irritation. The pet may feel uncomfortable and strange after the shave down as blood flow returns to the areas that were tightly matted. The pet may also hide or act embarrassed, which is a cue they pick up from you when you laugh or look at them differently. Make sure to praise your pet and be positive towards them. You also need to watch them for chewing at the areas where tight mats were shaved and you may need to speak to your veterinarian if the pet persists with chewing.

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